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21↑ • gemini • 2d artist

Hello pretty human!
You can call me pyx. This is one of my idenity which serves mostly 2D art and tries out things.
Here you will find my commission information include Live2D model art, Emote and Illustration.
Email me at pythrexx@gmail for something not on the carrd.
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Before commissioning me, please, carefully check my TERMS OF SERVICES. You’ll automatically be accepting my terms upon your purchase.
Also keep in mind these are not set prices, and are meant to be used as a general reference. If your commission is more complex i may charge a higher price.


Base price. Simple background included.
Delivery in .PNG file.

+0-30$ background

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Base price. Simple background included.
Delivery in .PNG file.

$70 Bust Up
$120 Thigh Up
$150 Fullbody
+0-150$ bACKGROUND

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Commercial fee tier 1 included

Character will be simply, extra 5$ for a different character
Delivery in .PNG file (500x500px)

$30 X 1 emote
$85 X 3 emotes
$140 X 5 emotes
$270 X 10 emotes

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Commercial fee tier 1 included

Live2d Art model (PSD + PNG). No rigging.
Reference sheet must be provided. Discuss if you want me to do the design if you have not have one.

$360 Chibi
$480 Halfbody
$720 Fullbody

Model includes seperated layers with:
+ Base body (for future additional outfit)
+ Outfit
+ 1 neutral expression & suggestion for extra 4 expressions

$120 Design (colored sketch)
$10 Simple expressions (Alternative mouth, eyes, eyebrows, etc.)
$120 Outfit
$80 Hairstyle
$35 Hand/arm poses
Specialist toggles: discuss

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how to order

Send the filled FORM in a google document to my email [email protected]. I will check your order and let you know if I can accept it or not and to confirm the price.
Forms can be only sent through email.
Track your commission progress at Pythrexx's List


(Click for form template)

• Your name/prefered name:
• Social media links: (I won’t share publicly if you ask so)
• Paypal email:
• Commercial usage: (personal/tier I/tier II)
• Commission type: [Chibi/Character/Emote /Live2dArt] + [Bust up/Thigh up/Fullbody/etc]
• Character name:
• Character personality traits: (+ likes/dislikes)
• Credits: (creator of skin/species, owner of character)
• Expression:
• Pose/action:
• References:
(Visual references preferred)
• Background:
• Notes:

For emotes please add:

(repeat these part for every emote)
• Expression:

For Live2D Art please add:

• Range of movement: (need to dicuss with rigger)
• Special features/ expressions/ animation: (also need to discuss with rigger)
If is a custom design please add:
• Moodboard:
• Style of outfit:
• Images for references of outfit:


Before commissioning me, please, carefully check my Terms of Services to get all the necessary information. It’s important for you to read them as you’ll automatically be accepting my terms upon your purchase.
I will not be held responsible for your own misconception if you, the client, did not read the terms of services.


• I work with full prepayment via PayPal invoice.
• The sketch will be sent after the payment.
• No refunds are offered
• Private artwork or withholding the artist from posting may cost extra.
• Characters with complex design may cost extra.
• Please be aware that requests for changes require payment, so make sure you have been clear on the initial request to avoid this problem.
• Due to the artist's backlog/schedule, faster completion or deadlines may require extra fees.


• During: 1-4 months (Not first come, first served. I might proceed on commercial over personal purposes commission)
• Client can request WiP at any part of the process.
• Once the picture is finished, small changes like color adjustments / adding small details (or fixing mistakes) could be done for free.
• I dont do any large changes (e.g., clothing changes, pose, setting). Please ensure the initial description is accurate.
• Layered files and PSDs are included for copyright commissions only
• Commissioner may not resell the artwork itself (save for 3x price commissions) or claim to have made it
• The artist reserves the rights to stream the art process on their streaming platforms and post WIPS and finished work in their social medias.
• The purchase is for digital artwork (not prints)
• Commissioner/Artist may not share each other's personal/contact details with third parties.

personal vs commercial

“Personal usage” means that the artwork will NOT generate you any kind of profit (monetary nor promotion), and is something you wish to have purely for your personal enjoyment.
“Commercial usage” means that the illustration WILL generate you some kind of profit, whether it is monetary, in the shape of merchandise, or to promote yourself, a Youtube channel, an online shop, game assets, etc.
There are 2 price tiers:
• Tier I: Commercial use when the artwork is not the bulk of the product (promotional material, CD cover, game assets, social media artwork, etc.).
Prices are multiplied x2.
• Tier II: Commercial use when the artwork is the bulk of the product (body pillow, postcard, merchandise, etc.).
Prices are multiplied x3
=> DO NOT claim, edit, reproduce my artworks and/or use it for commercial usage. If it will be used for profit (ex. merchandise) you may purchase the license from me.

commissioning means you agree to the terms of service stated above.


💬Does YouTube assets (banner, avatar, using art in videos) count as commercial?
Yes, same for Patreon and any ad-supported sites.
💬What is not commercial?
Using it as icon/avatar in non-profit sites (such as DA and twitter), wallpaper, printing to yourself (do not selling prints) and decorating your DA profile.
💬Where can i find pose/character reference if i havent got a design?
Use magicpose lite at to pose characters:
Use an avatar maker (Picrew) to create your OC.
💬What do you don't draw?
• Old (grandma / grandpa) characters
• Mechas
• Furry
• Backgrounds without a character on it
💬 The prices you listed are USD?
Yes, it is.
💬 Do you have a commission option that includes both character design and live 2d?
I havent have a set price for character design but im open to do the design with the price around 100$ depending.
💬 Do you take nsfw commission?
Yes and im exciting! XD

This is not a question but this guide has the answers to most confusions about Live2D commission. Get a better perspective here Faf’s Live2D Commissions & Model Art Guide

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